RIP Ljubljana bars and restaurants

In the last year and a half, many bars and restaurants in Ljubljana have closed their doors. Some because of coronavirus measures, some for other reasons. We went on a walk through Ljubljana and photographed some of them. We know that we did not include all of them. If you know any other bar that closed its doors, you can list it in comments on social media.


Magda, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Bar Magda, located in the covered market on Pogačarjev trg, or Pogačar Square, impressed guests with its offer of drinks, oysters and choice music. It was a place for young Ljubljana intellectuals and creative people, and was also frequented by tourists.


Kucha, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Kucha, a vegan restaurant located on Mašera-Spasičeva street in Bežigrad in Ljubljana, attracted guests with its original ambience, which was characterised by recycled furniture and houseplants, and especially by vegan food prepared in interesting combinations.

Gostilna pri Kolovratu

Gostilna pri kolovratu, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Gostilna pri Kolovratu opposite the Ljubljana Cathedral was located in premises that had been home to restaurants for several centuries, and offered a diverse selection of traditional Slovenian and Ljubljana dishes.


Menagerie, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Ménagerie was a cosy bakery and pastry shop in Gornji trg, or Upper Square in English, offering fresh bread and pastries, as well as French-style breakfasts and brunches.

Soba 102

Soba 102, Ljubljana, Slovenija

The restaurant and bar Soba 102, located at the elite location on Cankar Street, has been closed since October last year. The official closure was announced a few weeks ago by one of its co-owners, musician Jan Plestenjak. It was a place with a pleasant ambience, good music and delicious food.

Pod skalco

Pod skalco, Ljubljana, Slovenija

In October last year, the legendary pub Pod skalco closed its doors, which was located near Križanke and was a gathering place for party-goers for sixteen years – and it also served excellent fast food.

Bar Roža

Bar Roža, Ljubljana, Slovenija

The exterior of Bar Roža near Šuštarski most, or Shoemakers’ Bridge, clearly announces that the bar has closed its doors for good. We will remember it for its fine offer of champagnes and wines, snacks, tastings, parties, musical evenings, and much more.


Robba, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Robba was a designer bar that, as the name suggests, was located right in the city centre by Robba Fountain. In fact, it was a bistro, offering a whole range of interesting Ljubljana dishes, burgers and steaks, as well as breakfasts and cocktails. 


Mediterraneo, Ljubljana, Slovenija

The Mediterraneo restaurant on Ciril-Metodov trg, or Ciril-Metod Square, served Mediterranean cuisine and seafood, as well as continental Slovenian food, with a fine selection of wines.

Pub Plečnik

Pub Plečnik, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Pub Plečnik, located on Plečnik Square, offered classic and innovative dishes, as well as burgers, in an interestingly designed ambience. It served one of the largest assortments of spirits in Ljubljana.

Zlata ribica

Zlata ribica, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Zlata ribica on Cankarjevo nabrežje, or Cankar Embankment, was a restaurant popular with tourists and offering a wide range of dishes from all over Slovenia and beyond, accompanied by Slovenian pop songs.

Sax Pub

Sax Pub, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Sax Pub was a cult jazz bar in Trnovo, painted with graffiti. It’s not entirely clear why it was closed, but the corona situation certainly did help its continued business. Supposedly, it will open again under a new leaseholder.


Photo credit: Denis Simčič

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