Nine candidates for the most beautiful street in Ljubljana

There are many interesting museums and galleries, many excellent restaurants and bars, divers shops and many sights in Ljubljana, but most of the beauty of the city is hidden in its streets. We have selected nine streets that, in our opinion, can compete for the flattering title of the Most Beautiful Street in Ljubljana, and we leave the choice of the tenth street to you.

Križevniška ulica (Knights of the Cross Street)

Križevniška ulica, Ljubljana

Križevniška ulica is a small street in the old city centre, which stands out with its special concept. Some call it an “oasis of greenery” – it has flower pots with, ivy covering façades, and white benches, inscribed with quotes, invite you to sit down and relax. Residents often spend their time and socialise out on the street, and once a year organise the Križevniški Neighbour Day. Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan – or the Mini Theatre, which moved here – can take the most credit for the revival of this street, which was practically unnoticed a decade ago. Križevniška is now one of the friendliest and most welcoming streets, while some believe it is also the most beautiful street in Ljubljana.

Trubarjeva cesta (Trubar Road)

Trubarjeva ulica, Ljubljana

Trubarjeva delights visitors with its liveliness and colourfulness, as well as with the sense of community created by those who work there. They formed a group called Trubarjeva at your fingertips, and are promoting Trubarjeva together. In terms of style, Trubarjeva lies somewhere between antique and contemporary. There are quite a few narrow side streets and squares, giving it an almost medieval air, but it is also full of graffiti and other contemporary works of art. It is one of the longer streets, divided into several sections, each with its own character. Here, you can find restaurants serving foreign cuisine, hairdressers, various shops, antique shops, craftsmen, art academy, and it also included the autonomous Rog zone in the past. This is an eclectic, multicultural street that is never boring.

Metelkova ulica (Metelkova street)

Metelkova ulica, Ljubljana

Metelkova’s trump card is its content – it is the centre of Ljubljana’s alternative culture. Avtonomni kulturni center Metelkova mesto (Metelkova City Autonomous Cultural Centre) is located here, one of the largest and most successful squats in Europe, which gives this street its internationally recognition. The artistically rearranged former military barracks, decorated with graffiti, mosaics and sculptures, host many cultural events and concerts. This street is also home to Hostel Celica, located on the premises of a former prison, a museum district, a health centre with a clinic, and more. In short, a very colourful and interesting street that tourists love to photograph, sharing its photographs with the world via social networks.

Čopova ulica (Čop Street)

Čopova ulica, Ljubljana

Čopova represents the epicentre of the city – prestigious location, wide, beautiful and orderly. The best view on this street is from the top, over Prešeren Square and the Cathedral. Of course, a walk along the street is just as charming, among the old secession-style buildings, bars, shops and various other offers for tourists and locals. This is the central promenade, always filled with crowds (except in early morning hours, when our photo was taken), as they continue their walk either along Cankarjeva to Tivoli Park or to the Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) and further along the old city centre … If you want to see something or be seen in Ljubljana, you have to go to Čopova.

Miklošičeva cesta (Miklošič Road)

Miklošičeva cesta, Ljubljana

Miklošičeva cesta, and its adjoining Miklošičev park (Miklošič Park), is rarely mentioned among the most beautiful streets in Ljubljana, although it has more interesting old buildings than any other street. It is the centre of Ljubljana’s secession-style architecture, with buildings such as the Zadružna gospodarska banka (Cooperative Business Bank Building), Ljudska posojilnica (People’s Loan Bank), Krisperjeva hiša (Krisper House), Regallijeva hiša (Regalli House), Grand Hotel Union, and others. We can also find many famous buildings made in other styles: Šubič’s apartment block, Delavska zbornica (Chamber of Workers) – Slovenska kinoteka (Slovenian Cinematheque), Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje (Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia), Palača zavarovalnice Triglav (Triglav Insurance Company Offices), and others. The street is a real visual treat, and should be included in every visit to Ljubljana.

Ključavničarska ulica (Locksmith Street)

Ključavničarska ulica, Ljubljana

Ključavničarska is the only street in Ljubljana that has been turned into a work of art. It is the work of sculptor Jakov Brdar, titled Faces. A gully running along the tiny, dark medieval street, paved with setts, is decorated with 700 expressive faces. At the upper end of the street, there is an interesting drinking fountain where you can treat yourself to fresh Ljubljana water. According to Brdar, his artwork was inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s work.

Prešernova cesta (Prešeren Road)

Prešernova ulica, Ljubljana

Prešernova is one of the most elite streets in the city. While it is not a pedestrian zone, like some of the other streets mentioned here, it is pedestrian-friendly with its tree-lined avenue and wide pavements. Along Prešernova, you can find old villas with embassies and consulates, the President’s Office, Cankarjev dom (Cankar Cultural Centre) with a large statue of Boris Kidrič, the School of Economics, the Mladika building, and the most charming end of the street is the one with the Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery and the Orthodox Church stand and where Tivoli Park begins. The street is a walk through history, from secession to modernism.

Eipprova ulica (Eipper Street)

Eipprova ulica, Ljubljana

Eipprova in Trnovo stretches along Plečnik’s bank of Gradaščica, and it is especially charming because it is lined by numerous bars, inviting you to sit and relax, and it is much more peaceful than in the proper city centre. Among them was the vividly painted jazz club Sax Pub, which was closed, but is expected to be revived again soon.

Aljaževa ulica (Aljaž Street)

Aljaževa ulica, Ljubljana, češnje

Aljaževa is one of the long and completely ordinary residential streets in Šiška; however, in spring, it becomes the street with the most blossoms in the city. It is lined with Japanese cherry trees.

Photographs by: Denis Simčič

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