Ljubljana- upside down

A reflection of the cathedral in a replica of Robb’s Fountain.

Rainy days are the ideal opportunity to capture the reflections of the city, houses and people that are created in puddles in a photographic lens. They are an opportunity for creativity, for finding new perspectives, for discovering the hidden spots of the city. The world is turned upside down, everything suddenly doubles, images are torn into small and large pieces of irregular shapes dictated by the shapes of puddles, colours can be more vibrant than usual or more muted, the first rays of the sun can creep into the photo, as can rain drops or mists. The door to a different and magical world opens. There is a special charm in the reflections found on rainy mornings, when the warm blue light of street lamps and the lively tones of city shop windows spill over the cold blue light.

House on Dalmatinova street.

Denis is a morning bird, he prefers to take photos while the city is still asleep or just waking up. A mobile phone camera is best suited for photographing reflections in puddles and other water. If you want to know more about his techniques, ask him about them on his Instagram. He has been asked several times if his reflections are edited in. Of course not, it’s all in the technique and feel.

A reflection of Nebotičnik in Metalka.

Even if there are no puddles, there is no giving up. Denis always has a bottle of water in his backpack and makes a puddle if necessary. Sometimes he also photographs reflections in the rivers of Ljubljanica and Gradaščica, as well as the ponds of Koseško and Tivolski bajer, in various wells, etc.


That is why we recommend that you do not hide inside in the warm on or after a rainy day, but go on a photo hunt, as Denis does.

Photo credit: Denis Simčič

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