Ljubljana street food

Lepa žoga, Ljubljana, Slovenija

For a long time, street food in Ljubljana was just burek, and before that in socialism it was hot dog and pommes frites. However, this type of cuisine has recently experienced a major development, and old Ljubljana is literally interspersed with fast food vendors, mainly aimed at tourists. For some time now, we also have two places dedicated only to street food: Open Kitchen and Food Bluz BTC. However, good street food is also hidden in less populated locations outside the city and shopping centres. We visited a few such vendors. You can read more about some of our favourite places below.

Lepa žoga

Lepa žoga, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Hodok, which you can find at the Lepa žoga in Lower Šiška, is one of the most original street snacks in Ljubljana. A hot dog in a soft white bun with various vegetables and toppings is only available on Wednesdays from 10 AM to 2:00 PM. And although there is nothing terribly original about it, it is made and served with a typical Ljubljana or Šiška charm, as well as a local twist, as the hot dog is placed in a cut rather than pierced bun, and the toppings are also locally produced. You can enjoy it in a colourful ambiance covered with graffiti. The guests are mostly from Ljubljana, regular customers who reserve Wednesdays for the best hodok in the city.

Taco Polako

Tako polako

At Taco Polako, they say they offer authentically non-authentic Mexican snacks; and as is obvious from afar, they are not only interested in creativity in the kitchen, but also with words, using puns in all their names. The dishes on their menu have names such Taco zvani zajebani s čipsom, Jebeš taco bun, Malo zmešana solatka, etc. The food they serve is basically Mexican, but with a Slovenian and European twist. They don’t shy away from unusual ingredients for tacos, producing very interesting, intense flavours and combinations. They also have excellent desserts. Taco Polako is located on Gosposvetska Street. It has no tables, so we recommend you enjoy your tacos in the Argentinian Park or in Tivoli Park.


Klobasarna, Ljubljana, Slovenija, fastfood

Klobasarna, located in the city centre on Ciril-Metod Square, offers Slovenian rustic food in the form of fast food. This is, of course, commendable, as ričet and Carniolan sausage can also be enjoyed on the street. The food is delicious, nicely served, you can order half or a whole sausage, cut sideways, with a white bun, mustard and horseradish. Its menu lists only a few most typical Slovenian dishes that are usually served alongside the Carniolan sausage, and the restaurant is very small and crowded, so you might have to eat your sausage on a bench quite far away. There is a lot of interest among tourists, so it might be worth considering an expansion of their menu and restaurant.

Vito Maccheroni

Vito Maccheroni, Ljubljana, Slovenija, fastfood, pasta

Italian food is also appealing in its street version, served by Vito Maccheroni in their stall in the covered market of BTC City. They serve fresh, homemade pasta with traditional Italian sauces, sometimes seasonally coloured. Ingredients you can find include burrata, guanciale, Italian tomatoes, pistachios, fresh basil, and the like. Simple, delicious pastes of refined flavours in a pleasant Italian atmosphere, with an Italian drink and, for those hungriest, with an Italian dessert – tiramisu. That is Vito Maccheroni. It is hard to resist.

Ribe in vino (Fish and wine)

Ribe in vino, fastfood, Slovenija, Ljubljana

The combination of fish and wine is a winner in itself, especially when it includes Adriatic fish and local Istrian wine. It is even more delicious if the restaurant is pleasant and nicely designed. You can find all this in the restaurant Ribe in vino in old Ljubljana. But this pleasant-looking restaurant also offers dishes from other parts of the world, such as fish & chips. Tasty, fresh, rich, crispy. The most commendable thing is that they have turned seafood into street food.


Chuty's, Ljubljana, Slovenija, asian fastfood

This restaurant offers Asian dishes, such as Thai noodles, chicken curry, fried rice and more. Some reviewers on online forums say that there are better versions of Asian food in Ljubljana; however, it is also obvious that Chuty’s pad Thai and pad see ew are very popular, as many people order them at their stalls in Ljubljana’s BTC. The dishes are light, and you can also enjoy some Thai drinks with them.

Asian fastfood, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Chuty's

Burek Olimpija

Burek Olimpija, fastfood, Ljubljana, Slovenija

We ended our exploration of Ljubljana’s fast foods places with Olimpija burek. Burek is Ljubljana’s traditional street food, although it is not Slovenian at all, but was brought to Ljubljana from other republics of the former Yugoslavia. The vendor is located near the Bavarian Court (Bavarski dvor), and the burek they serve is cut into quarters, fatty and delicious, with different fillings, wrapped in paper, and perfectly accompanied by yoghurt.

Burek Olimpija, fastfood, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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